Sustainable ambitions

Sustainable ambitions

We are already a month into 2024. With these mild temperatures you may already feel a slight spring feeling approaching. Unless you are in the middle of a rain shower, then you are more likely to feel the need for an umbrella. Many things await you again in 2024. There are major global events, such as the Olympic Games in Paris. But the elections in America, for example, will also receive a lot of attention.


What are your important events in 2024? Do you have great plans for a holiday? Or do you want to renovate, get married or just change that? Everyone has wishes and ambitions, and usually the start of a new year is also the time for making new plans. Of course, it's always nice to dream away while making fun plans.


Of course, SKOT also has sustainable ambitions. For example, we want to launch a new product in the summer. We'd rather not reveal what it will be yet. We would like to show ourselves to a wider audience, without changing our conscious image. And in the meantime, we want to continue to focus on delivering the same high-quality sustainable clothing that you can enjoy every day. Beautiful plans, nice to dream away.


And every day we try again to make those dreams come true. And even if the dreams don't come true or at all, we still hope that the journey was worth it.


Good luck with fulfilling your (sustainable) ambitions!

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Wat is mijn man blij met de t-shirts.
Geweldige pasvorm en blijven uitstekend zacht en in model. Na vele wasbeurten nog steeds als nieuw!
Voor hem nooit meer andere!


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