Fair Trade week

Fair Trade week

This week is Fair Trade week. From May 7 to 15, attention is drawn to the farmers and workers who grow our food and clothing in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Actually there are two weeks, because there is also one in October. But because Fair Trade is still far from commonplace in the clothing industry, we think it's great that we think about this more often. We want to show how important fair trade is!

SKOT clothing is made in a fair way. A large part of our products carries the Fair Trade label. The other part is produced in factories where a living wage is paid. In this way we try to contribute to improving the conditions for the people who make your clothes.

There are a lot of initiatives in the Western world to draw attention to better conditions. For workers, for the climate, for minorities and so on. And everything is just right. But fair is fair, even as a sustainable brand it is difficult to distinguish between the different initiatives, and especially as a consumer you start to wonder what is what. Let alone whether you are still inspired by a continuous stream of problems and desired solutions.

Yet we think it is necessary to make a sound heard. A positive sound, where clothing is made of high quality, but which is also as sustainable as possible. We don't want to make choices between sustainability for the planet and sustainability for the people who live on it. So we opted for both. We use sustainable materials (such as organic cotton), and we use sustainable conditions for the people who make the clothes. Fun to make, and therefore double fun to wear.

We are proud to use the Fair Trade label. There is plenty to improve in the world, and that can seem very overwhelming, but if you start small - by wearing sustainable clothing - you effortlessly contribute to a better world. Also in this Fair Trade week.

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