Do you choose organic cotton? Then you belong to the best 1%! Because only this small percentage is grown organically. But do you ever look beyond just the fabric? At SKOT we continue a conversation. Our mission is 100% sustainable, which means that we want to be as sustainable as possible on our journey. Besides the fact that we also opt for organic fabrics, many of our details are also made from sustainable materials.


Every year, about 8 tons of plastic ends up in the sea. If you're wearing an organic cotton shirt, your buttons may well be made of plastic. SKOT started looking for an alternative. And meanwhile, we have put three kinds of buttons into production.

Our first alternative are the buttons made from recycled coconut. Recognizable by the brown color. Sturdy, light and with a beautiful structure that gives a SKOT shirt the right stylish look. We also have a second alternative: sustainable future mother of pearl. These are white in color and match perfectly with our light SKOT shirts.

Our last alternative is the corozo knot – also known as vegetable ivory. Derived from the palm dies in great talents grows in South America.


Another important detail we would like to share is that we topstitch our garments with recycled yarn. Which means that the yarn is spun from residual materials. The mix of fibers makes the yarn extra strong and extra soft, which also contributes to maintaining the quality of your shirt.


An interlining makes your edge of the cuffs or collar sturdy. Often this carcinogenic substance contains formaldehyde. During the journey, SKOT has found an alternative that is produced free of formaldehyde. And so we can also add the interlining under the heading sustainable.

SKOT has already taken nice steps towards a 100% sustainable shirt, but if it is up to us, our journey will go much further. In addition to shirts, SKOT has now also added sustainable t-shirts and socks to the collection and we hope to come up with new positive developments in the future that will make our collection even more sustainable and make the greatest possible contribution to a healthier world for tomorrow!

Do you also want to contribute effortlessly? Then choose the SKOT collection!

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