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Sustainable voting advice

The elections are just around the corner. And it promises to be an exciting month, because there is no clear favorite in the polls. What should you do now as a conscious Dutch person? We don't dare to give you voting advice, but we can tell you more about sustainability in society.

There seems to have been a conflict between sustainability and economic growth for years. As if one excludes the other. At SKOT we think this can go together. Sustainability does not have to be more expensive. Or more boring. Or less beautiful. It can have exactly the same characteristics as a non-durable product. Except that the sustainable product makes the world a bit better.

How? Very simple. Here is an example. Of course, sustainable production is a bit more expensive than non-sustainable production. Why? Because with sustainable production, more effort is made to prevent negative consequences for people and nature. Such as filtering toxic water after dyeing fabrics. Such as a lower yield per hectare due to organic cotton cultivation. But by offering the clothing directly to the consumer, instead of selling through stores, you as a producer can compensate for those extra costs. And you will be cheaper throughout the entire value chain.

Another example. We have now become accustomed to terribly low clothing prices. But we have also become accustomed to clothing breaking very quickly. So we buy more clothes than 10 years ago. And we spend more money on clothes, while they last less time. Then wouldn't it be better to buy clothes that will last a long time? And therefore be more sustainable while spending less money?

Of course, there is plenty to criticize about both examples. It is mainly intended to emphasize one thing: at SKOT we want to make beautiful clothing that lasts a long time, as sustainable as possible. And by offering directly to the consumer, it does not have to be more expensive than non-sustainable alternatives.

There is plenty to choose from these days. In the field of political parties, and also in the field of sustainable choices. Do you choose a sustainable house or sustainable transport? Or do you think sustainable clothing is still a little more important? That is a choice you will have to make yourself. Just like the party you will vote for on November 22. But SKOT promises: if you vote for SKOT, you will effortlessly contribute to a better world. We can give you that voting advice in advance.
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Wat een betrokken bericht van een kledingmerk!

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