Price transparency

SKOT is completely transparent about the price elements of a shirt. First, because we have nothing to hide. Second, we show that you pay more than double for the same product on main street. At SKOT you get transparency and top quality at a fair price.

Why is SKOT able to offer a shirt for € 79, while it costs € 159 in traditional retail? It’s pretty simple. SKOT works directly with factories and sells directly online to consumers. In this way we cut unnecessary links from the chain, which increase costs. We put the savings in the product and offer it at a competitive price.

Each garment has a certain mark-up. That is the factor by which the purchase price is increased to the selling price for consumers. In traditional retail, this is a factor 5-6. At SKOT we feel a fair price is important, and we use normal margins for our shirts. That is why our factor is 2-3 times. And with that you simply get more shirt for your money!

What are the costs of your shirt? We have listed it for you. SKOT continuously searches for the best mix between quality, sustainability and price. We think we have found the perfect mix. And we are proud to share that with you!