Product Passport

Each product contains information which raw materials have been used and where it has been made. This is very normal for food. But very uncommon for clothing. SKOT changes that. In our webshop, every product has a comprehensive list of the used materials and the production location for the respective product.


Impact report

We already inform the savings of buying a SKOT shirt compared to a regular one:

  • 2000 liters of water
  • 200 milliliters of chemical pesticides
  • Water pollution and soil exhaustion
  • Forced labor and unsafe working conditions

But there is a lot more. SKOT tries to minimize its own footprint in several more ways. One of them is our packaging:

  • We send a SKOT shirt or T-shirt package in a small package which fits through a regular mailbox. This prevents CO2 emissions from delivery vans
  • Minimal packaging, made from recycled carton or material from trusted sources (FSC). Of course, the carton can be recycled.
  • The shirt is folded with clothespins instead of plastic material or needles. You can easily reuse the clothespins!

In the future, SKOT wants to publish an impact report, in which its own footprint is calculated and in which methods are used to compensate for this footprint. However, being a start-up company with big dreams, we only can take one step at a time to reach our goal of a 100% sustainable clothing industry.